Stello HP100 mk2

Stello HP100 mk2

…Musikk gjengis nøytralt og ufarget nærmest uansett nivå og kompleksitet. Med disse Stello komponentene har April Music befestet sitt rykte som en usedvanlig kvalitetsbevisst leverandør med et tydelig lydideal.
Anders Rossnes

Celebrating the 15th Year Anniversary, April Music announces the stello HP100 / S100 MKII, the culmination of advancement in technology and sound. Designed for entry into high-end audio reproduction, the new stello performs several levels higher than the intended pricing. Bridging the gap between HiFi and Audiophile, the MKII shows the hidden depth of music. The stello HP100 / S100 Series is the answer to your passion, the advanced reproduction of sound. Pure & Simple These are the intended purpose of stello HP100 MKII. Focusing on the fundamentals, the MKII produces high-end performance sound at sensible price.

Powerful Toroidal transformer The stello HP/100 Headphone / Preamp utilizes exclusively designed toroidal transformer, assuring stable input-voltage for strong dynamics and subtle nuances of music. And, in order to maximize the design potential, the balanced input connectors are employed, further lowering the noise level. Beauty of Iron Alex Rasmussen, the principle architect of the EXIMIS chassis, continues the unique design concept of April Music in the stello 100 MKII series. Pure A class amplifier The stello HP100 MkII is equipped with pure class A, Push-Pull output circuitry. The J-FET – Low Noise transistor is applied to the input section of the preamp. The Bipolar transistor scheme is used in the headphone output and it provides exceptional sound and dynamic drive. The input impedance ranges up to 1 mega Ohms and can be connected to all types of interconnect cables, providing very stable operation. Apart from the DC Servo Control circuit in the headphone amp section, the entire preamp board is designed with discrete circuitry for fine tuning and elevated sound quality.


LINE INPUTS 3 Pairs of unbalanced inputs(U1, U2, U3)
PC USB LINK accepts up to 48 kHz sampling rates
LINE OUTPUTS & HEADPHONE   1 pair unbalanced, 1 pair balanced, 1 headphone output(1/4″)
FRONT CONTROL & STATUS DISPLAY   AC line power on/off push switch & power on LED line input selection tacts switch headphones amplifier FILTER on/off tacts switch & LED volume control knob display devices : 14 segments alphanumeric LED
THE MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT FOR HEADPHONE   30 Ohms : 1.5 Watts 50 Ohms : 1.1 Watts 150 Ohms : 490 mWatts 300 Ohms : 245 mWatts 600 Ohms : 120 mWatts
line outputs : 50 Ohms
POWER REQUIREMENTS 100 ~ 117 VAC / 220 ~ 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
DIMENSIONS 8.6 × 2.12 × 11 inch (WHD), 219 × 54 × 296 mm (WHD)
WEIGHT (NET) 8.82 lb, 4 Kg

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Stello HP100 mk2
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